Celebrate Basant Panchami with Yellow Colored Cakes!

Basant Panchami is an extremely popular and well-known festival among the Indian population. Also known as Vasant Panchami, it is the festival that announces the arrival of the spring season. It is another harvest festival that is celebrated with great joy and vigor in the Indian subcontinent. People across the length and breadth of the country celebrate it in various different ways depending upon their region and cultural traditions. This festival also marks the start for the preparation for the festival of colors, Holi and its special puja and other rituals and religious ceremonies. The festival of Basant or Vasant Panchami also involves praying to goddess Saraswati who is known for her knowledge, wisdom, good sense and skill for music. People especially school and college going children especially pray to her and also keep their books and notebooks in front of her so as to absorb good knowledge and wisdom and improve their memory function and power to study better. This day is also known as yellow day since people usually wear yellow colored clothes and the color yellow is featured in all aspects of this festival.

Though it is a traditional and cultural festival and celebration, which will always have Indian and traditional sweet dishes does not mean that one cannot celebrate this festival or occasion with a cake. Since this festival or celebration is centered around the arrival of the spring season, the color yellow and the worship of goddess Saraswati, all these can always be featured on a delicious and a beautiful cake, making it a complete fit in this traditional and ethnic celebration. Make the celebrations extra awesome and special and also more exciting with a touch of both western and ethnic or indigenous. Just visit your nearest cake shop in Delhi and place an order for a cake according to your likes and preferences. You can order a theme cake that is centered on the spring season, flowers and more. You can also have a cake that is an ode to goddess Saraswati and pays homage to her and has books and other such related material and decorations on it.  



Since this festival is also known as a yellow day, you can also easily order Valentine day cakes online in Delhi that are yellow in color or feature the color yellow in a very prominent manner. The flavor could be of any color but it could be decorated with a yellow cream and frosting or even a yellow colored glaze and icing. Be it a vanilla cake, a chocolate cake or even a strawberry cake or a red velvet cake for that matter, you can also ask for it to be decorated in yellow color so that it stand out and shines more than the other colors. If you want a naturally yellow colored cake, the flavor options are either lemon, banana or mango or any other fruit or vegetable that is naturally yellow in color so that you cake does not have any added colors. Even if your cake does have added colors, you do not need to worry, since each and every color that is used is natural and derived from natural plant based produce and is completely safe and secure for your health.

The best theme cakes for the occasion and festival of Basant Panchami are floral designs of cakes or cakes that are yellow in color. Let the amazing, fast, and super reliable and guaranteed service of on time cake delivery in Delhi bring you absolutely wonderful and pleasing cakes that are a perfect fit even in your religious festivals and traditional and cultural occasions and celebrations.

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