Birthday Party Ideas for 17-year-olds

Birthday Party Ideas for 17-year-olds

Sixteenth and eighteenth birthday celebrations are the most spectacular ones. But, the seventeenth one often gets unnoticed. But, on their birthday, 17-year-olds deserve to get the attention they deserve and have a party with full blast. However, when it comes to choosing party ideas for seventeen years old, you have to keep many things in mind.

Young adults are very unpredictable. Choosing a party idea for your friend or child might be difficult. To help you out, I have come up with super cool birthday party ideas for 17-year-olds. Make their unnoticed birthday an unforgettable one. 

10 Super Awesome Party Ideas for 17 year olds

1. Foodie party

Whatever your age is, or whoever you are, you will always fall for food. If you can’t decide the party idea for your child’s 17th birthday, a foodie party is a go-to option any time. Depending on your budget, hire a professional chef to discuss and prepare the menu for the special day.

Invite your child’s friends and give your child a surprise. Cut the cake, and boom! Everybody is exposed to the delicious foods; watch them jump right in to savor all of it. 

2. Slumber Party

Slumber parties are old, but you know the saying, ‘Old is gold”. So slumber parties are never out of fashion. If you want to make it happen in your house, you can decorate your apartment or house with nice lighting.

You can bring a karaoke if you want (kids love these), foodies treat, and lots of games option. You can arrange a spa day for your child with their close friends. A truth or dare game will spice up the evening.

3. Comic / Movie Themed Party

Be it a teenager or a young adult; anybody or everybody is a diehard fan of a movie or an anime series or comic. If you find it too hard to think about any party ideas, go with a themed party. For instance, you can go with Marvel themed party.

And, especially, if the birthday boy/girl is an aspiring engineer, this comic themed party may be a blast, as you have never imagined. And while you are at it, check these most loved gift ideas for engineers.

4. Camping

If you are a parent and want to do something cool for your child, you can always try camping. Camping is fun and gives you freedom. Most importantly, with freedom, you will learn responsibilities.

Ask your child’s best friends to come, take them to a place nearby your city, and hike through the day. Bring tents, plenty of delicious food, and fire a barbeque and enjoy your child’s birthday.

5. Outdoor BBQ Party

These parties are fun for the teens. Teenagers don’t like to spend their time with adults. These parties give them the freedom to get free time from their parents.

Make an arrangement to light a bonfire. Make mocktails and juices and cold drinks, and bring ice creams for your child and their friends. 

6. Pool Party

If your child’s birthday is in the summer, you can organize a pool party. If you have a pool in your backyard, arrange it there. Otherwise, you can always rent a pool for the special day.

Bring you kid and their friends together and make this party a fun adventure. If your budget permits, you can also take them to a water park. 

7. Spa-Themed Birthday Party

Spas are a great way to relax. A day of relaxation on your birthday is the thing your busy child wants. If your child prefers a small group, this is the ideal party for them.

A day in the spa will give them enough space to hang out and also relax. It will rejuvenate their friendship, and your child will feel the happiest.

8. Painting Party

If your kid is one of the creative ones, you can arrange a painting party for your kid and their friends. This is a great party idea for your id if your purse strings are a bit tight.

Invite all of your kid’s friends to your house and give them art supplies. Arrange a workshop for them. Announce a competition between them and give out small prizes.

In the end, don’t forget to feed the kids well.

9. Open-Air Party

If you live near some exotic place like a river, or lake, or by the mountain, you can arrange a place by the special terrain and have a wide-spread party.

Teenagers will love the location as it will give them space, and open-air always brings some excitement with it.

Arrange open-air barbeques and light up bonfires to bring sophistication in it. It would be great if you arrange a speaker and play cool songs. 

10. Movie Night Party

Nowadays, kids are cinephiles. They love watching movies. If your kid is in love with movies, the best thing you can do for your child’s birthday is arrange a movie night. I would suggest you rent a projector and set it up in your backyard. Invite your child’s friends to your house for a movie night.

Bring dinner for them and arrange unlimited snacks for the movie night. Ask the birthday boy to choose the move, and you are good to go. 


It is cool that you are planning a birthday party for your child’s 17th birthday, but the rest of the year is what matters the most.

Remember, your child is going to be an adult soon, so show them respect and always consider their opinions.

Now go and have a blast.

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