Best time to visit Nainital

Who don’t love beautiful hills? Well! if you are admirer of picturesque hills in serenity then Nainital is a perfect hill station for you. It has been a popular hill station from long time back. It got placid lake surrounded by beautiful hills, lovely climate, a culture that welcomes all. Located in Kumaun region of Uttarakhand, Nainital is one the most visited hill stations of the country. Many tourists from across the globe come here and enjoy the beauty of the hills and warmth of the hospitality. Watching sun spreading it golden light over the hills in morning and in evening watching it slowly going behind the hills is a once in a lifetime experience. The calmness hill stations provide is unmatched, it puts you in relief from daily hush and rush of big cities.

Places to Visit In Nainital

Naini Lake:

One of the main attractions of Nainital is Naini Lake, boating is allowed. It is located right between the hills, almost 2000 feet above sea-level. Boat ride through the calm waters of Naini Lake is ideal for romantic couples. One can enjoy boating through the calm waters of Naini Lake. Tourists have both the yachting and boating, there is no extra charges for using cameras. This lake is also surrounded by many hotels and cottages, so you can get lake view from your hotel room, making your stay a memorable one.

Naina Peak:

The main attraction and the highest peak of Nainital. It has an altitude of around 2600 feet. It is hardly 6 km away from main town. Not only it is very beautiful place but also it offers visitors an eye soothing view of Himalayas.

Tiffin Top:

Tiffin Top is located at an altitude of almost 2300 feet above sea-level. It is popular picnic spot. History of tiffin to says it was built by a British Colonel in the memory of his beloved wife.

Snow View Point:

Snow view point is another popular tourist place. It is hardly three kilometres away. Not only snow view point is an amazing place but the journey is also breathtaking as you would arrive here through cable cars also known as ropeway. Snow view point offers view snow clad mountains.
Zoo At Nainital:
For animal lovers and kids there is zoo as well. Kids and animal lovers can enjoy time there. Various birds, monkeys, tigers and other animals are there in the zoo. The zoo is at some height it takes some effort to reach there. There is an option to take taxi rides up to zoo or if you are willing to put some effort you can climb too.

Naina Devi Temple


Naina Devi Temple is a religious place of Hindus. The temple belongs to Hindu Goddess Naina Devi. The word Naina means eyes hence Goddess Naina inside the temple is represented by two eyes. It’s right beside the lake of Nainital which adds to its quintessential beauty.

Climate In Nainital:

The climate in Nainital is very comfortable the average temperature remains between highest of 27 Degree Celsius to minimum of average of 2 Degree Celsius.
Summer begins in Nainital from April and continues through June, if you’re looking for escape from harsh heat and warm weather this is the perfect time to visit Nainital. However, due to Holiday season it will be a challenge to get a preferred accommodation, specifically the lake view hotels near mall road get booked very early, in summers the foot fall will be very high. Visiting Nainital in summers may increase your budget, as this the peak season in Nainital, accommodations and tourists services remain in high demand.

Rainy Season: Rainy season in Nainital begins from July and continues till September. This the most economical time to visit Nainital, if are one of those who love rainy season then it is the best time to enjoy nature’s beauty in most economical package.

Winter Season:

Though the temperature drops early in October, however, winter season begins from November and last till January. The chance of getting a snowfall are very high between late December and early in January. Between November and February Nainital registers minimum average temperature. Nights are very cold in winters. For all those enjoy winter season the perfect time to visit Nainital is from the winter break that comes bear winter and lasts through early week of January.

Best Time to Visit Nainital

If you like moderate temperature, where breeze is comfortable and hills are basking in golden sunlight then you should visit Nainital between March to June or October to November.
For someone who wants to pay an economic visit with great deals then the best time is between July to September.
And for those who enjoy winters November to February is the ideal time. It will highly romantic when you roam around city’s Mall Road, appreciating the placid silvery water of Naini Lake under Moonlight.

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