Sudden pandemic hit led the world to witness a rapid ed-tech revolution. Online platforms are playing a major role in regularizing the education system of the country. With some strong viewpoints, the online mode of preparation and exams are leading way too fast.

Consistently many exams are held in India including school or other academic exams, entrance exams, central and state government exams such as SSC, RRB, UPSC, Banking exams, Defence exams, and more. These exams offer career growth with a secure future. 

The transforming high-tech country now has come up with many tech start-ups providing students the right path to boost their preparation for their respective exams. 

Online Platform boon:

  1. Cost friendly/ Reduces Cost (traveling time money all saved)
  2. Environment friendly
  3. Improve time management skills
  4. Immediate result
  5. Unlimited practice question option

Searching for the best partner and guidance for your government exam preparation.

Make My Path

MMP (Make My Path) is India’s largest Online Exam Preparation platform with the best set of question banks for practice, mock tests, or interviews. This platform keeps the students updated with ongoing and upcoming exam notifications.

The idea behind this platform is to offer students a single platform for all sorts/categories of examinations. This provides detailed information and the right tools for examination from Grade k- 12, Olympiads, NTSE, engineering, medical and other entrance exams, government exams, IT placement exams, etc. Question banks with answers explained to make the student subject-friendly. Thus, students can create a customized paper for the topics or subjects to practice for preparing the exam paper. They can analyze themselves by taking quizzes and appearing for mock tests based on actual exam patterns.

MMP aims to make an impact on each student by providing them:

  • A strong team of subject experts who helps the students to clear all the concepts thoroughly.
  • More than 5 million problems are there to learn and prepare for exams.
  • Unlimited Practice will make the confident before the actual exam.
  • AI-Powered analysis for each test will give an instant detailed progress report for further analysis.
  • Bookmark questions for later reference
  • Share paper with friends for better and group learning.
  • Connect with your mentors for more guidance and report.
  • Ideal time suggestions for every question will make students faster to solve any question and teaches time management during exams.
  • Get notification & update for your exams regarding application date, exam date, and more.
  • Buy the best Books and prepare for your exams in the right direction with the right tools.
  • Get previous year’s papers for practice. Also, this helps to understand the pattern of exam one has to appear for.
  • And many more…


Aptence is an innovative app focused on developing aptitude among school students. Aptitude Tests help to grow logical reasoning speed, accuracy, thinking ability, and other such abilities.

Aptitude Tests are important for children. Why?

In today’s competitive world, the test gives a complete picture of a person’s mind. These tests are of great use for students in schools, entrance exams, and later in professional life. For children, an aptitude test has various purposes or use. Some of them are:

  • Career Path: Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions of anyone’s life. An aptitude test is important for personal career assessment.
  • Academic Improvement: The skill or abilities are known from the result of the test. It is very helpful for a student then to work on the strong or weak subject to improve them.
  • Placement Purpose: An Aptitude test is used in conjugation with a personal interview or a group discussion or both for job placement.

Aptence provide:

  • Online assessment platforms for students can be used in schools by teachers or parents at home.
  • Rewarding Aptitude Training based on daily challenges aptitude test
  • Exclusive reward through redeemable AptCoins to grab surprise gifts.
  • Clear Understanding of various important concepts.
  • Precise test results for teachers or parents as well.

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