5 Doubts You Should Clarify About Truck Accident

Truck Accident

Involved in a truck accident recently? Don’t know how to get started with legal help to get your compensation? Read this article to discover some of the important points discussed by certified truck accident lawyers.

Did you know the Supreme Court ruled against the parents of a truck driver who lost his life driving for an oil company? This means the court has just raised the bar for other families who are attempting to avail compensation after being involved in a fatal truck accident.

There are several ways through which you can avoid truck accidents but accidents happen right? After the limitation applied by the court, you need to consider the five major points to get the compensation that you deserve.

1. What caused the life taking wreck in the first place?

The court will verify the reasons that are primarily responsible for the truck accident. In order to get the compensation, you have to make sure that the truck accident lawyers who represent you in the court are backed by solid pieces of evidence that can hold the other party responsible. From checking the driver’s speed, violation of rules, fatigue, alcohol, road condition, road signal issues, and others.

2. The condition and weight of the truck

The condition of the truck will be checked thoroughly in order to determine the responsible party for such an accident. The court will verify the insurance paper, servicing details, and other documents of the truck, so if you are thinking about hiring a truck accident lawyer make sure that person collects all the necessary evidence about the condition of the truck from the trucking company. The laws are there to determine who’s responsible for a commercial truck accident but without proper evidence, it is not possible to come to any fair conclusion. According to the law, a commercial truck can carry up to 20,000 pounds (single axle) and up to 34,000 pounds (double axle). So, determining what was in the truck at the time of the accident can be an important part of the investigation.

3. Background of the driver

Sometimes drivers are solely responsible for the truck accident, state-federal laws set the standard for truck driver conduct, all the trucking companies, and truck drivers are abiding by those rules. In a trucking accident, the lawyer must check whether the laws were followed by both the truck driver and the company. If the driver involved in an accident and fails to show a proper license it can affect your legal case against the trucking company that hired the driver in the first place. The lawyer must check the background of the driver like whether he/she involved in an accident before, whether the license has been renewed on time etc.

4. Health condition of the driver

Sometimes drivers have to work for longer hours to meet the end, they must take proper rest before starting for long journeys. So while determining the responsible party investigation on the driver’s health is important to find out under what condition he/she was working. Make sure your truck accident attorney collects the papers of the driver from the trucking company and medical reports from the hospital in case he/she has been hospitalised for the accident.

5. Rules of the trucking company

Every trucking company has its own sets of rules for running the company not only for the drivers but also for the operation, they sometimes push hard their employees for extra money. However, too much pressure on the drivers can be dangerous as it can lead to an accident. The employer can be responsible for wrongful acts committed by a driver, it is the responsibility of a truck accident lawyer to find the crucial pieces of evidence that can help the trucking company responsible. The lawyer must check the repair and servicing history of the truck, at what time the driver receives the paycheck from the company, and many more minute details. The type of work the employee was hired to do can also be a determining factor for the accident in case that did not fall under his/her scope of work, which should be clearly mentioned in the contract.

Where to find experienced truck accident lawyers?

If you or your loved ones have been involved in a dangerous truck accident contacting a truck accident lawyer on the very day or within a couple of days is the best solution for you.

Choosing the right lawyer at the right time is extremely important. However, you can wait longer to hire a lawyer though that won’t add any extra benefits, the earlier the better. Contact us for personal injury lawyers, we are committed to providing maximum compensation to the injured victims.

Our expert lawyers are experienced in handling commercial truck accident cases and provide compensation earlier than expected. Our job is to handle the case with both competence and compassion. Our lawyers will manage all the communications which any parties involved in the truck accident, we know how to handle trucking and insurance companies while ensuring maximum compensation for the injured party.

It is crucial to have a comfortable relationship with the lawyer or the law firm, you can pay someone whom you can’t trust. Contact us today to book your first free consultation session.

Greg Baumgartner handles truck accident lawsuits for victims of truck accidents in Texas. He is an expert Texas Truck Accident Lawyer with an exemplary track record.

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