9 Ways to Use Salt for Gorgeous Skin, Hair, Teeth, and Nails

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The salt is a rich source of key minerals and nutrients that our body needs. You can use it to balance and restore not only the body but also the skin. The minerals present in salt can help in maintaining the health and function of our skin. It will ensure mineral balance of the body and keep away problems such as dryness, dullness, irritation etc. The use of salt for beauty care purposes can ensure an improved hydration, bolster the protective layer of the skin and speed out cellular communications that often slow down with age. Plus, salt is also good for the hair, teeth and nails.

Here are some of ways to use salt for the skin, hair, teeth and nails –

1. Use salt as balancing mask

The use of salt in combination with honey can enrich the skin with anti-inflammatory properties and ensure soothing skin apart from keeping away breakouts and irritation. You can use both to retain hydration and balance oil production in the skin. For using it as a balancing mask, you have to mix some salt with raw honey, create a paste and then apply it to the skin and then rinse.

2. Use salt as a facial toner

The use of salt as oil-sapping facial toner is very popular among ladies across the world. This method can help cleanse pores deeply, ensure balance to oil production and keep away bacteria responsible for causing acne and breakouts. To use salt as a facial tone, mix some salt with warm water and then mist on the skin. You can do it twice a day to keep oil away from the skin.

3. Use salt as a body scrub

Salt should be your best buddy if you want to use only a natural exfoliate to cast off dead skin. Plus, the minerals present in it can also help restore hydration and soften skin. To use as a body scrub, prepare a thick paste of salt and olive or coconut oil and then apply on the skin. You should scrub the skin in a circular motion for best results.

4. Use soft as an exfoliant

Trust salt if you look for a natural exfoliate to restore skin. It can be an excellent skin softening agent with no side effects at all. Together with salt, you can also use Aloe Vera and lavender respectively for hydration skin and giving it antiseptic benefits. To use as an exfoliant, you have to prepare a thick paste by mixing salt, Aloe Vera juice and some lavender flowers and then apply on the skin.

5. Use salt for a relaxing bath

Salt can cleanse the skin’s pores deeply and its mineral contents can hold its hydration for longer. It is also capable of absorbing toxins, dirt and grime together with helping skin retain the moisture. A long soak in the salted water will prevent your skin from getting wrinkle or prune. You can mix some salt to warm water and then soak for 20 minutes at least regularly to see the difference to the skin.

6. Use as an anti-dandruff treatment

The use of salt as an anti-dandruff scalp treatment is quite old. It’s very effective for removing flakes and stimulating circulation in the scalp. It is also capable of absorbing excess oil and moisture to stop fungal growth and prevent the dandruff root. The use is very simple where you just have to sprinkle salt on the scalp and then message for 10 minutes. You can wash and condition the hair for results.

7. Use salt as a nail brightening treatment

A lot of women rely on salt to brighten their nails. It can soften cuticles and strengthen nails with regular use. And when combined with baking soda and lemon, it can prevent yellowing and stains to ensure brighter nails. To use it for nails, prepare a mix of salt, lemon juice and baking soda and then soak the nails in for 10 minutes.

8. Use salt as a natural mouth wash

Salt is very effective when used as a natural mouth wash. It can work as a disinfectant and kill the bacteria responsible for causing bad breath and gingivitis. To use as a mouth wash, prepare a mixture of salt, baking soda and water and then use the solution for a wishing in the mouth and between teeth. You can swish for 10 minutes and then spit and rinse for result.

9. Use salt teeth whitener

Like baking soda, salt is a gentle abrasive that a lot of people use to brighten teeth by removing stains. Plus, it’s also a rich source of fluoride which is a key mineral for healthy teeth and gums. To use as a teeth whitener, mix some salt and baking powder and then dip your toothpaste in the mixture and brush as you do. However, you should trust best dental clinic for professional whitening.

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