9 Top Ideas To Keep Your Home Office Cool On A Hot Day

It’s no secret that moving air makes you feel cooler. By installing ceiling fans, you can create air movement that will help you cool down while avoiding the cost of dropping the thermostat temperature any further.

In the summer months, run your ceiling fan counterclockwise to draw the cooler air upwards. Additionally, you can run your bathroom exhaust fans during the summer months which will help expel the rising warm air to the exterior of your home.

1. Keep The Blinds Closed

To keep your home office cool, you should determine the reason behind it. Usually, the room heats up when sunrays enter that room. Thus, the best way to maintain a cool ambiance inside your home during the hot sweltering summer season is to keep the blinds closed to restrict the entry of sun rays.

If there is any window in the home office, then you will be benefitted by keeping blinds closed for the whole day, especially during the sunniest part of the day.

If your home office is situated on the lower floor, then you will be benefitted by turning your blinds in an upward direction so that sunlight cannot sneak through.  Also, keep your air conditioning ON to keep a cool and comfortable atmosphere inside the home office. 

2. Use Heat Reducing Film

As we know that approximately 30 percent of heat is through windows, therefore, we should look out for different ways to reduce the entrance of sunlight. One of the best ways to keep your home cool is using reflective or heat-reducing window film.

It will help in regulating the temperature inside your home office and you can spend a comfortable time. Thus, the heat-reducing film will help in maintaining the optimum temperature inside the home office. This temperature regulating film works reverse during the winter.

It does not let heat skip outside from the windows. Using the heat-reducing film is one of the quickest and best ways to maintain optimum ambiance inside the home.

3. Install Programmable Thermostat

By installing the programmable thermostat, you can keep your home cool and also help in reducing utility bills. If you are out of your home for the whole day, then you can set the thermostat to keep your home cool when you return to your place. It will help keep your entire home along with your home office cool without wasting too much energy.

4. Install Ducted AC

Rather than installing different cooling units in different rooms, you should consider the installation of the ducted air conditioner. This one cooling unit can keep your entire home cool and comfortable, including your home office.

The cool is carried by the ducts from one room to another. By installation ducted AC in your home, you will not just cool the ambiance, but the humidity level is also controlled by the ducted AC.

To keep your AC in good working condition, you should do its regular maintenance by calling the professionals such as ducted air conditioning Sydney contractors.

5. Install Ceiling Fan

Along with the air conditioner, you should also consider the installation of a ceiling fan. During the early morning and evening time, the temperature is not very hot.

At that time, the air conditioner is not required and you can keep the place cool by just turning on the ceiling fan.  Also, a ceiling fan is enough when the summer season just starts or at the ending of the hot summer season.

6. Plant Foliage

You should plant shade trees near your home office. Well, it needs some years for the growth of the tree. But your wait will be fruitful and you will get the desired results.

By planting shade trees and foliage around your house, the sun rays will not enter your home. Ultimately, it will help in making keeping your place cool and comfortable.

7. Open Windows During Evening

You should leverage the breezy summer evening by keeping the windows of your home office open. By opening your windows at night, you will get a cool breeze which will help in removing stale air from the home office.

Also, you should keep the windows of your home office open during the morning to let the fresh air enter your home. You can start your office work with the fresh air. It will help in improving the productivity level of your house.

8. LED Lighting System

Ditch those incandescent lights to control the ambient temperature of your house. You should consider the installation of an LED lighting system to control the heat level inside the home office. It does not just help in reducing heat inside the home office, but also helps in controlling utility bills.

9. Wear Breathable Clothes

Want to stay comfortable whole days while completing your assignments?  You should wear comfortable and breathable clothes. We recommend you choose cotton fabric clothes because these will let your sweat evaporate and make your feel comfortable.

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