9 Most Amazing Injection Molding Facts You Would Love to Know

Injection Molding

Injection moulding is one of the most important things you can do in plastic manufacturing. And did you know about these most amazing facts that this type of manufacturing has? There are so many facts about injection moulding that come from the past as well. For you, we have curated the most amazing ones that will blow your minds away. Go on and read them and see what you love as a business has a rich history with great future prospects. The most amazing ones will give you an insight into one of the most celebrated manufacturing processes. So, go and read them as these Injection Molding Facts are amazing.

1: The Craziest Injection Molding Facts:

Some of these facts are the craziest ones that you would love to read about. So, here they start:

  • The Boom of World War 2:

Did you know that there is a big big impact of world war 2 on the injection moulding process and production? Yes, that’s right! There is a relation between the two. The products of injection mouldinggot really famous during this war. The expert historians say that the person who brought the innovation in was “James Watson”. He made the first machine in 1946, right after the war, to bring in mass production. The machine he introduced was the screw injection machine, a machine that took the industry to the next level. The demand for plastic came to a boom because the use in the war increased.

  • One of the Most Extensively Used:

Plastic manufacturing has to take a lot from injection moulding. There are so many injection molding manufacturers that use it for making products. This makes it an amazingly and extensively used process for the purpose.

  • ABS, The Most Used Material:

ABS, in terms of injection moulding, is a material that is a thermoplastic polymer. This is a fun fact that tells that this is the most common material that people use for plastic bottles and other products. There is a long long list of products that you can produce by this way. There are things like: Recreational equipment, toys, kitchen appliances and automotive parts. All of these things are among the most common ones in so so many industries and fields.

  • The Injection Molding Strength:

Injection moulding is among the ways of production that produce enhanced strength. And this fact is responsible for the rigidity and flexibility ranges for different products. This fact also says that the strength of the product it makes can be altered as well.

  • Do you Know It Makes Yo-yos:

Injection moulding is an amazing solution that makes yo-yos for you. And yo-yos are no more a product that only children would use. There are so many teenagers and adults that have been using these to have fun. Moreover, there are so many different sizes and shapes you can make them of. This is all because of the amazing procedure of injection moulding.

  • Its Productivity Levels:

Injection moulding can be your partner if you need mass production. This amazing process gives accurate shapes with the best possible rates. It’s something that not all plastic production processes have.

  • Use of Different Materials:

The plastic injection moulding process can help you in making products with different materials. This injection moulding fact tells that you can make one plastic product by using two different materials. It’s a process that can bring in a change in the usability of products. You can use them for more industries and get benefits from them.

  • The Best Desired Shapes:

When it comes to making plastic products, one of the most important things is the shapes of products. As for injection moulding, it can make better shapes of products. Therefore, injection molding is a process with low costs and great shape accuracy.

  • The Best Increasing numbers of Material Choices:

Injection moulding can help get you the products that you can use for different industries. And apart from the older numbers, there are always on the rise in the number of materials you can use. According to an estimation, there are 500 more materials coming into this process every year. This makes it one of the most versatile fields of plastic manufacturing. This is one of the most amazing injection moulding facts that people would love.

  • The Integration with 3D Printing:

There is a new technology coming up in this field. The technology will enable you to combine 3D printing with this technology. This technology can make products that are not resistant to high heat. Therefore, there is a need for improvement in this field and technology for better products. These injection moulding facts can make you a better manufacturer. Moreover, you can get amazing insight into the plastic industry even if you are new to it.


1: Which sectors use the injection moulding process?

There are industries like:

  • Beverages and food
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Automotive industry
  • Consumer electronics manufacturing

All of these sectors make products with this process.

2: Which are the best plastic injection moulding companies in Lahore?

There are some great companies like:

  • Plastic
  • Mughal plastics
  • Polyplast Custom moulders
  • Tahir custom moulders and plastic manufacturer
3: Which are the most commonly known injection moulding stages are there?

There are 4 basic stages in the injection moulding process. Which are:

  • Clamping
  • Injection
  • Cooling
  • Ejection stages


All of these injection moulding facts make this industry so productive. And there are so many things that can help you in this article. You must have had a taste of the most amazing facts that the injection moulding process has. These facts can help someone be at their best for different reasons. From this article, there are great chances of learning how the plastic industry benefits from this process. You must do complete research, and this article was meant for it that could help you. Therefore, put this article into the practical field and the things you learned from it too. If you follow these facts to nurture your knowledge, there will be better results that your business might get.

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