8 Useful Tips on How to Make Your Flower Bouquet Like a Pro

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Flowers are one of the most adorable gifts. If a special occasion of your near and dear ones is round the corner and you plan to gift a bouquet to them, do not buy it. Special people in your lives need special care and attention. So, it is good to make bouquet from his/her favorite flowers that can prove to be a pleasant surprise.

Tips to Make Flower Like a Pro

Given here are a few helpful tips that can make your flower bouquet like a pro. Whether you want to show a word of gratitude and buy thank you flowers online or just need a bouquet for a gift, these tips will help you.

Choose the Color Scheme of Your Bouquet Carefully:

If you want to make bouquet like a pro, you need to know that in every bouquet there is a centerpiece or you can say center of attraction which governs color of other blooms as well. Choose that center piece very carefully which can be a favorite color of recipient. Decide the color scheme of your bouquet very carefully.

Complimentary colors should be selected and placed close to one another. You can make online research to take help or talk to a professional florist to find out what flowers are in season and what will be a good combination to prepare a professional looking bouquet. Take some fresh greenery like ferns also.

Choose Tight Buds and Keep the Top Height of Blooms Even:

It is very important to choose fresh and tight blooms so that bouquet will remain fresh for a long time. Remove thorns from the chosen flowers, if any. Make use of scissors to cut stems so that length of each flower remains the same. You can give an angled cut to the stems for lengthening life of bouquet. Also, make sure to choose flowers with longer stems of 12 inches or so and then trim them according to your requirements.

Place Your Centerpiece First:

If you are using a container or a vase, making a flower bouquet like pro will be a cakewalk. In this case, you have to hold the position of flowers and keep on adding flowers with a free hand. To make a stem-wrapped bouquet is difficult. Centerpiece is to be kept right at the middle of your bouquet. Centerpiece flower is a specially chosen flower and it is kept right at the middle of the bouquet. As you add flowers to your bouquet, you would find it difficult to hold altogether with a hand so tie them.

Work from Inside of the Bouquet to the Outside:

Starting from the centerpiece you should keep on adding flowers and try to give it a denser look. Always keep in mind, denser appearance of your bouquet means a better appearance. Your bouquet should not look thinner or patchy. To make flower blooms in your bouquet look more beautiful, you need to keep all the flowers properly aligned.

Check out whether all flowers are properly aligned or not, you should keep bouquet at a distance and check out height of blooms. If you think of expressing a word of gratitude to someone, buy thank you flower online and arrange them in an elegant looking glass-vase with foliage.

Add Foliage and Accents to Give Your Bouquet a Final Touch:

To enhance the over and all beauty of your bouquet, you should add foliage and other accents at last. Give wings to your imagination and find out what would work the best for your bouquet. For instance, you can choose berries to make your bouquets look different. If it is a thank you flower bouquet, you can choose the modest ferns along with yellow flowers. Jewels, pearls even peacock feather and grasses can be used to give a final touch to the bouquets.

Tie them With Floral Wire:

Once you think all the desired things have been done, you should wrap the entire length of stems with a floral wire. Make sure to wrap the stems in a spiral pattern. Cut the surplus wire with scissors and then fix the wire finally with a floral tape. You need to take care that the stems are tightly and neatly tied up.

Give Finishing Touches to Your Bouquet:

Finally, make sure to check the height and balance of your bouquet. Always keep in mind that the entire balance and alignment can get disrupted when you bind the stems together or when you add the accents to beautify it further. You need to see that the flowers are at a level height and do not get messed up.

Cover it With Cellophane or Gift Wrap it:

At last, you should cover the entire bouquet with cellophane or you can gift wrap it as well. Whether you need to present the bouquet for a special occasion or just want to make it more presentable, covering the entire bouquet neatly with cellophane can make it look great.


*If you really want your bouquet to look great, it is good to arrange flowers in odd numbers. It is a secret to make your flower bouquet simply the best. According to an old European tradition, arranging flowers in odd numbers makes the entire bouquet look uniform and properly aligned. But, avoid the number 13 as this number is considered unlucky in many cultures.

Last Words

In long and short, there can be nothing more joyous than making a bouquet for your loved and cared ones. If you want them to feel special, you can consider making important occasion of their lives simply the best one by presenting them a bouquet made by your hand. If you want to express gratitude towards them, buy thank you flowers online like pink or yellow roses and a few others. Follow the above given tips and make a bouquet like pro.

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