8 Safety Tips for Driving in Dense Traffic

Traffic congestion is a cause of concern for many drivers in particular. The anxiety that it produces can negatively affect the performance of a driver on the road.

Heavy traffic calls for extra attention and extra awareness, especially when you are in the middle of your drive. The following safety tips can come in handy for you as recommended by Texas truck accident lawyers.

1. Curb all distractions

Image- A girl texting on her phone while driving through dense traffic

Heavy traffic calls for extra attention and extra cautiousness.

Remember, the margin of error is very low especially when you are driving through a dense traffic zone. Hence, you need to keep the level of distractions down to the bare minimum to improve your driving efficiency on the whole.

  • Switch off your phone or put it to “silent.”
  • Turn down music to the bare minimum or turn it off. The latter is more advisable than the former.
  • Ask your passengers to bring down the level of noise in your vehicle until you are free of dense traffic.

2. Try to maintain a reasonably sized buffer zone between vehicles

Going a tad slower than normal can help you get a buffer zone between your vehicle and the one in front of you.

Image- Buffer zone between two vehicles

This little breathing space will allow you the time to get your swerving and braking reactions to perfection (in case there’s any requirement for you to do so).

3. Indulge in defensive driving

Defensive driving can help you implement a variety of skills to prevent the occurrence of any dangerous situation on the road especially when you are driving through a densely populated area.

Keep the following things in mind:

  • Keep scanning the road in front of you and the conditions of the road.
  • Identify unsafe vehicles and avoid going close to them at all possible costs.
  • Go with the flow of the traffic. Do not try it break the flow unless you are forced to do so (like in the case of an emergency).
  • Don’t forget to make a signal before making a turn.

4. Avoid slamming down on your brakes

Drive slower, maintain a buffer zone between your vehicle and the one in front of you, and brake smoothly.

It will help you allow the traffic to flow at a better place.

5. Lower gears can improve your engine efficiency

It’s advisable to use lower gears while driving through dense traffic because this can help to improve your braking and engine efficiency on the whole.


  • D3 is normally used for the stop and go drive.
  • D2 is used to lock your car into second gear. You can also use “S” (AKA Slow) for this very same purpose as yours.

6. Keep your nerves

Traffic congestion can get pretty daunting on the nerves. But try to keep calm at all possible costs. Remember, a slight mistake here and there can result in a catastrophic accident. 

Avoid getting into brawls with other drivers. The trouble isn’t worth it.

7. Take a break if you feel too uncomfortable

Your emotions can have a significant impact on your driving ability.

Extreme anxiety and stress can negatively affect your senses and can worsen your driving ability on the whole. In case, you encounter a situation like that, do the following things without further ado:

  • Exit the freeway immediately.
  • Pullover to a safe place and try to calm down for a bit.
  • Breathe in….breathe out….breathe in….breathe out.
  • Relax a bit and listen to music. It can have a soothing effect on your nerves.

8. Drive below the speed limit

DO NOT drive above the speed limit at any possible cost. It may result in a disaster before you even realize it.

It’s advisable to maintain a consistent balance around 5mph. Such practice can help you more to go with the flow of the traffic. Finally, we would like to say that if you are finding it extremely difficult to cope up with the pressure of traffic congestion, take an actual break. Have a cup of coffee or take a nap but do ensure you don’t lose your cool during the drive. A slight mistake here and there can ruin your whole life. Why take the risk?

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