7 Trendy and Best Gift Card Ideas for Christmas

Gift Card Ideas

Tired of searching for the perfect Christmas gift for your friends and family, then switch to Gift Cards this year. As per popular surveys over half of American prefer all-purpose general gift cards over goodies. Reasons are plenty. 

Gift cards from top brands make great Christmas & holiday gifts. One can pick things they like and will enjoy any time of the year from the stores. 

There is no hassle of exchanging an item or product in case the giftee doesn’t like it. And it also saves you the pressure of browsing hundreds of items to choose from as you want to gift things that others will like and cherish. 

So, this article will help you in choosing from the top gift cards for christmas. The best gift cards are the ones that they can redeem. While gift cards are easy to get and convenient, it’s not a thoughtless gift. You can choose from a plethora of options online that reflects their needs or tastes. A Target gift card may be the best for your friend who loves to shop or a gas card for someone who just started driving. 

Best Gift Cards Ideas for Christmas in 2020

  1. Amazon

One of the best gift cards you can choose for anyone is the amazon gift card. People can order from coffee to lamps to scarfs – and get it delivered in just two days. So, there is no hassle of browsing through stores. Moreover, these cards do not expire, and one can redeem it anytime they want.

     2. Spotify

The gift of Music is the best gift you can give to people who are music junkies. Now, let your giftee enjoy their favourite albums on loop with a Spotify music premium for a month or more. Your nephew or niece will thank you later. 

3. Uber Eats or DoorDash 

For your foodie friends, give them the ultimate happiness of a food gift card. Instead of taking out your friends during this pandemic, give them a gift card from Uber Eats or DoorDash and let them enjoy a piping hot meal at home. Home is where the food is.

4. Gift Card For Coffee Lovers

If you have any coffee lover in your list, then there is nothing better than uplifting their mornings with a gift card from Starbucks. The freshly brewed aromatic beverages can never disappoint. Whether your friend or co-worker is obsessed with coffee or tea, this Starbucks gift card can fulfill all their takeout needs.

5. Netflix

Bring the classic and contemporary shows and hit series to your giftee’s screens. With a Netflix gift card, you can be sure that it will be well received. What better way to mellow down in these holidays than binging on classic TV hits and movies on an OTT platform. Let your friend, co-worker; family enjoy this Christmas with a binge-watch.

6. Air BnB

This gift card is for your friends or co-workers who enjoy travelling. An Airbnb gift card is perfect for the holidays. While travel may not be on the cards for everyone but one can use it for a staycation or vacation whenever travel is on the cards. Be sure that this gift card will be an instant hit. 

7. Gift for Fashion Lovers

If you have any fashionable diva or dandies in your list who loves vintage and handmade items then a gift card from Etsy is your answer, You need not search from hundreds of products to pick the perfect gift. 

With an Etsy gift card, your giftee can choose from handmade to vintage to trendy products from this online marketplace. Your gift of choice – what more can one ask for this holiday? 

So, spread the holiday cheer and raise the Christmas spirit by choosing from the above gift cards for your friends and family or co-workers. This year has been hard on all, so put a smile on someone’s face with some of the best gift cards. You can also customize your gift cards and pack them with nice gift paper and pen down a thoughtful message. Gift cards are the best alternative for cash, and it surely doesn’t disappoint.

But more importantly, Christmas is all about coming together and celebrating with your close ones. Wrap and unwrap presents and make merry.

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