7 cake designs of birthday cake for your little princess’ first birthday

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As parents we are so selfless that we forget thinking about ourselves and after the experience of parenthood, our world turns upside down. It takes the total Revolution. This change is that of our thoughts being revolving around our little kids. As parents, we stop thinking about ourselves. We are no longer concerned about our schedules. All our activities and actions are planned around our kids. All our aspirations are now for our kids. It is in the kids that we have our heart beats and they are also our life lines and what matters to us the most is the happiness of our little kid. Out of all all the events that we plan for a little kids, their birthdays are the most special one and out of all the birthdays of our kids, it is the first birthday celebration of our kid That seems to be the most special one when you make cakes online order because this is the first celebration that we would have for our kids. 

If you are planning your little princess’ first birthday and you are wondering what to do on their special day? In order to make your little princess feel extra special then you must analyse our instructions.  It would help you plan the best birthday surprise for your little princess’ 1st birthday celebration thereby making it absolutely memorable for her.

Photo birthday cake

You can order a photo cake online for your princess’ 1st birthday. It can have a photo of her on its surface or you can choose a photo collage of many cute photos of your little princess on it. your daughter would surely love it. Apart from that, you can capture that flavourful cake in a photograph so that you can always cherish the moments of that lovely cake. 

Oreo birthday cake

We all are well aware of the craze of dark chocolate Oreo cookies among the kids. You can surprise your daughter and her friends by getting a delicious Oreo birthday cake on the table. She would love to see this cake and all the other guests at the party would love to relish the taste of such a flavorful cake that you ordered specially for your daughter’s special day. 

Princess Barbie cake

You must have seen your daughter playing with dolls. You must have also noticed her love for dolls. So you can make her have a broad smile on her face by getting a beautiful princess Barbie cake for her birthday. After all, it’s the birthday of a little princess. So why not bring a sweet little flavourful princess Barbie cake that can make her smile. 

Peppa Pig birthday cake

You can give true joy to your little kids by ordering something creative and adorable. You can get a cute Peppa Pig cake for your little daughter. She would surely be amazed to see the creativity of the Baker. Besides that, she would also enjoy the cake cutting and it would become a sweet memory for her birthday. 

KitKat and gems cake

Everyone loves chocolates and it would be an absolute treat for kids to be amazed with a cake loaded with their favourite chocolate. Therefore, you can get a special KitKat and gems cake for your little princess’ birthday and wish her all the happiness through your gift and other surprises. 

Hello kitty cake

You may order a delicious and beautiful Hello Kitty cake for your little princess and amaze her on her first birthday. you can also look for other delights such as the number balloons or cartoon balloons and have them sent along with the birthday cake delivery in gurgaon for your little princess. This would be a sweet surprise for the little kid who would be amused with the beauty of the cake. 

Party unicorn cake

Kids love to believe what is unbelievable. They are associated with creativity, spontaneity and fantasy. Therefore, you can get a pretty party Unicorn cake for your little daughter. You can make the cake extra special by adding a layer of fondant on it. Your daughter and everyone else at the party would definitely love the taste and charm of the cake. 

Hurry and grab the most beautiful cake design for your little princess soon. 

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