5 Meditech EHR Software Alternatives For New Medical Practices


Meditech EHR is an on-premise solution that provides clinical charting for healthcare professionals at mid-sized and community hospitals. Meditech EHR is excellent and for sure has a lot to offer but when making a decision, you need to look at all your options. Meditech EHR offers all the great features that a good EHR software needs to have. According to Meditech EHR reviews, it has very flexible billing, charting, and documentation features.  

Every good EHR software needs to have Reporting tools, Scheduling tools, Charting tools, a Patient Portal, Documentation features, Billing features, Patient Management, etc. 

We are going to take you step by step and list down 5 Meditech EHR alternatives so without further ado, let’s dive straight into that. The top five Meditech EHR substitutes for us are: 

  1. Allscripts EHR
  2. Practice Fusion
  3. Athenahealth
  4. Drchrono
  5. eClinicalworks

Let’s get more into detail about these software and find out what they have to offer.

Allscripts EHR

You might be aware of Allscripts EHR already as it is a very well known medical EHR software. If you want an alternative for Meditech EHR software, you might want to consider this. Allscripts EHR is installed on-premises or can be used cloud-based which is where it has an edge over Meditech because Meditech can only be used on-premises. The second reason why it is a better choice or an alternative for Meditech EHR software is that it is slightly cheaper than Meditech EHR. Meditech EHR pricing isn’t published but Allscripts pricing is $150 per provider. Both products offer a great range of features and are amazing EHR software but Allscripts EHR has an edge over Meditech EHR. 

Practice Fusion

If you have a low budget and you want an EHR solution that offers features that are almost as good as Meditech EHR then Practice Fusion is a perfect choice. Perfect Fusion can be installed on-premises and can also be used cloud-based. Practice Fusion offers a great set of features that can improve your clinical efficiency rapidly. Moreover, if you compare Meditech EHR pricing with the pricing of Practice Fusion, you will know that it is quite cheaper than Meditech EHR. Practice Fusion EHR pricing is $99 per provider which is even cheaper than Allscripts EHR pricing


Athenahealth is an extremely well known EHR software with excellent billing tools and a great revenue management cycle. It is also very famous for its patient management tools. It is designed with great focus and would make a great substitute for Meditech EHR. Unlike Meditech EHR, Athenahealth can be used cloud-based as well as on-premises. All its features are very useful and known to be great. If you look at the pricing of Athenahealth, it is cheaper than Meditech and offers almost the same set of features. If you want a budget-friendly option, athenahealth might be a good replacement for Meditech EHR. Published pricing for Athenahealth is $140 per provider/per month. 


Drchrono is an excellent alternative for Meditech EHR software because if you compare the features of both software side by side, you’ll see that they have many similarities. Drcrhoo can be installed on-premises and can also be used cloud-based. Since Meditech is only installed on-premises therefore DrChrono has an edge over Medtech in this particular area. Other than many similarities, another area where Drchrono has an edge over Meditech EHR is its pricing. Meditech is quite expensive as compared to Drchrono. Drchrono pricing per month is $199 per provider. Drchrono is very famous for its integrated billing solutions and charting tools. Try this software out, if you want an alternative for Meditech EHR software. 


eClinicalWorks is another excellent substitute for Meditech EHR software. It can be installed on-premises and can also be used cloud-based. This is where it has an upper hand over Meditech EMR software. All the set of features that eClinicalWorks offers are pretty similar to what Meditech offers so it all comes down to pricing. eClinicalWorks is a quite expensive EMR software but less expensive than Meditech EHR software. It allows seamless integration and has a very intuitive user interface. Although the pricing is $499 per month/per user, it’s still worth it. If you want a good alternative for Meditech Billing software then eClinicalWors is the one for you. 


Here is our list of top 5 EHR Software that can be installed in place of Meditech EMR Software. All the mentioned EHR software are cheaper than Meditech EHR software and can also be used cloud-based. Each and every software has its strengths and weaknesses but overall, they are pretty similar to Meditech EHR Software.

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