10 Budget-friendly Destinations In India Under 10000

10 Budget-friendly Destinations In India

Traveling to your dream destinations could be heavy on your pockets. The prices of accommodation, meals, and transportations are enough to make you delay your dream vacation. But, what if we say that 10000 bucks in your pocket are enough for a king-sized trip? Ask yourself, what’s stopping you from having a fun vacation and you will find the answers; And if you can’t, then keep scrolling. 

Even after having not so deep pockets, you can enjoy a fun trip to these places listed below. All you got a do is take buses instead of private cabs, eat at local eateries instead of enjoying a fine dining experience, try to hitchhike as much as you can (trust us, that’s an experience you want in your life), and stay at hostels or homestays. Do these things while you go to any of the places listed below and you have yourself an amazing vacation you have been craving for!

Here are the 10 budget-friendly destinations in India under 10000:

  1. Darjeeling

    Famous for tea gardens, toy trains, and splendid views of the Himalayas, Darjeeling is a city made out of dreams. The city has a romantic charm up its sleeves and will take you straight to a Shah Rukh Khan movie.

    How to reach –  From Kolkata, you can board a train going to Darjeeling which costs somewhere around INR 750 one way.

    Where to stay – Darjeeling has a variety of accommodations to stay at. The price range starts from around INR 400.

    Price range – INR 900-3000 per night

  2. Kodaikanal

    is one of the best hill stations in southern India. This serene destination in Tamil Nadu offers a perfect getaway from the daily busy schedule. Head to this place if you are looking for a peaceful and relaxed weekend.

    How to reach – We recommend that you enjoy riding a bus to this Kodaikanal because it will give unbeatable views of the picturesque villages along the way. One way ticket from Bangalore costs INR 750.

    Where to stay – There are many budget options available in Kodaikanal which starts from INR 430.

    Price range – INR 1200 – 3500 per night

  3. Pondicherry

    The French town of India, Pondicherry is famous for French architectural buildings, picturesque towns, quaint villages, and leisurely beaches. Pondicherry is perfect for weekenders from the nearby cities.

    How to reach – A bus ride from Chennai to Pondicherry is the most affordable way to travel. It costs INR 290 for one side journey.

    Where to stay – There many hostels that offer bunk beds for as low as INR 250-300.

    Price range – INR 1000-3000 per night.

  4. Hampi

    Also deemed as the ‘Hippie Paradise’, Hampi has so much on the table just waiting to be grabbed by the travelers. Explore historical places, ancient kingdoms, and chic cafes dotted around Hampi.

    How to reach – The cheapest way to reach Hampi is to catch a train from Bangalore which costs INR 250 and will drop you at Hospet. From here, board a bus to Hampi which will cost INR 580.

    Where to stay –  In Hampi, there are a number of backpacker hostels and homestays that provide warm beds and a good company to stay with. Stay charges start from INR 600 per night.

    Price range – INR 1200-3000 per night.

  5. Varanasi

    One of the oldest cities, Varanasi is among the most visited holiday places in India. The glorious Ganga Ghats, lip-smacking street food, boat rides, and mesmerizing Ganga Aarti in the evening will make you fall in love with this place.

    How to reach – The train ride from Delhi to Varanasi is the best and cheapest option for budget travelers. A train ticket to Varanasi costs INR 400 for a one-way trip.

    Where to stay – To save money, you can consider living in ashrams and dharamshalas. There are a lot of options for hostels are also available that costs as low as INR 150.

    Price range – INR 200-1000 per night.

  6. Jaipur

    Experience the capital of royalty and Rajasthan with the hospitality, food, shopping, and vibrance. Visit ancient temples and forts taling tales of the old mighty Kings and Queens.

    How to reach – Traveling via bus is the cheapest way to reach Jaipur. A bus ride costs between INR 300 to 800.

    Where to stay – Jaipur is filled with quaint affordable hostels. The accommodation starts from INR 300.

    Price Range – INR 1000 – 3000 per night

  7. Udaipur

    Oftenly deemed as ‘The City of Lakes’, Udaipur is a mixbag of extravagant culture, food, historical places, and picturesque lakes. It is the most favored destination of Instagrammers.

    How to reach – An 11 hour train journey from Delhi to Udaipur costs INR 400 per person.

    Where to stay – You can choose from various options of hostels, homestays, and dharamshalas to stay at. The stay starts from INR 350.

    Price range – INR 800 – 3000 per night

  8. Shoja

    This quaint little town situated in the Seraj Valley of Himachal Pradesh will seize no moment to woo you with its beauty and breathtaking views. The place has many unexplored treks and waterfalls under its belt.

    How to reach – A bus ride from Delhi to Aut costs INR 700-1000 and then enjoy the views of Tirhtan river along the way till Shoja. The local bus from Aut to Shoja costs INR 80.

    Where to stay – There are few hostels in Shoja and Jibhi that offers dormitory beds starting from INR 450.

    Price Range – 1000 – 2500 per night

  9. Tawang

    A quaint little town sitting in the lap of nature, Tawang is fairytale land for travelers. Tawang is offers unbeatable views of north-eastern Himalayas and some of the highest peaks in the world.

    How to reach – You can reach Tawang by two bus rides from the railway station of Tezpur, Assam. The ride of ech bus costs INR 200.

    Where to stay – A number of homestays are available in Tawang that will welcome you like one of their own. The tarrif starts from INR 700.

    Price range – INR 1500 – 3000 per night

  10. Daman and Diu

    Daman and Diu is one of the most favorite weekend travel destinations of Gujjus. The sea side paradise offers pristine beaches, picturesque sights, and a cool place to party with friends.

    How to reach – Traveling via bus is the cheapest way to reach Daman and Diu. It costs INR 200 for Daman and INR 500 for Diu.

    Where to stay – Daman and Diu has many hotels that offer privater rooms starting from INR 450.

    Price range – INR 800 – 3000

So if you ever feel the need of a quick getaway and if you are tight on budget, then you can choose from any of these places to wash off the stress of every day life.

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Hazel is an avid travel blogger currently working with Adotrip. She loves to write first-hand accounts of her travels. Apart from writing, her hobbies include reading and travelling. She has travelled extensively in India and her favorite travel destinations are Jaipur, Goa and Manali.

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